My name is Christopher Humphries.

You may email me at christopher@niroze.net or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherhumphries.

Normal stuff, like hanging out with friends and being social sometimes. I enjoy watching TV shows all at once (like seasons at a time), going to the movies, playing boardgames, D&D and Pathfinder (and like games), and discovering interesting places in whatever city I'm in. I like meeting new people, and finding beauty and adventure in everyday and extraordinary things. I'm also a food tourist, I love food!

Programming and working on Linux and *BSD systems. I currently am using Ubuntu distro for servers and workstations (use KDE for desktop, Unity stinks).

I enjoy coding in more object oriented programming languages, even if they can be a bit slower at times, which includes Python, Groovy (and Java, yes seriously), Perl (Moose module makes this a sane OO option), and Ruby at bit. I do like Ada and Smalltalk but I haven't had much professional experience with them due to lack of available libraries available for free to the public (compared to what's available with CPAN with Perl and the amount built-in with Java/Groovy). I'm a fan of LISP, too, but only have programming limited to GNU Emacs.

I have experience being a MySQL and PostgreSQL administrator, Linux/UNIX systems administrator (up to thousands of servers), and programmer for various stacks in high traffic sites and backend systems (from e-com to e-gov). I've been doing this since 1996.