Planning out B/X D&D – Team Alpha sessions

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I am currently planning and preparing to run regular sessions on Roll20, running B/X D&D (using Labyrinth Lord rulebook). I am calling this first group “Team Alpha” since it is the first. I intend for it to be a low commitment game, where there can be revolving players and pre-generated characters available.

My main B/X D&D – Team Alpha page has more information, and will be a central hub of information for that group.

I’m excited to finally run games for players and learn all I can from it. It will be fun!


Todo List

“Gnoll” by Axebane Games, Monsters Fantasy Stock Art Vol 1.

I have a few things to prepare and plan ahead of time:

  • Read and re-read and maybe re-read again “B10: Night’s Dark Terror” module. I have the digital version (paper version costs a mint!).
  • Generate characters for players to use and put in Roll20.
  • Finalize on B/X House Rules.
  • Fill in the module with NPCs, monsters, and other GM-generated content I can do ahead of time.
  • Prepare any maps and put in Roll20.
  • Prepare any handouts and put in Roll20.
  • Refresh on Labyrinth Lord rulebook.
  • Prepare Social Media callouts on relevant Google+ communities, Facebook Groups, and Twitter to recruit players.
  • Prepare template to summarize what happens during sessions.


Team Omega?

From that group, I do hope to find players that would be open to playing in “Team Omega” which will be a high commitment game, where players are expected to show up on a regular basis. Baby steps, right?