I’ve worked for large e-commerce sites, US government, and datacenter and ISPs.

I enjoy working with systems, putting pieces together, and optimizing them to the needs of the job. It is fun.

I primarily work in Linux and BSD environments and have since the mid-1990s. Here are some bullet points:

  • Experienced in designing, implementing, and managing AWS infrastructure and scalable applications with near 100% uptime.
  • Programming in UNIX/BSD/Linux environments with a range of languages including C, Perl, Python, PHP, Java, Groovy, Objective C [GnuStep/OpenStep] and some languages I don’t use much including COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, and Ada. Additionally, experienced in Zope and Grails.
  • Expert in managing data stores including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Redshift.
  • DevOps and virtualization technologies including Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Virtualbox, Xen, and Jenkins.

I’ve always been fascinated with data management, including databases, filesystems, and networking.

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