Monster Manual and Players Handbook AD&D 1st Edition

AD&D 1e PHB and MM Arrived!

I felt that I overpaid for the the MM and PHB from sniping them on eBay, but upon receiving them I see that I got a steal! They’re in great condition and suspect they haven’t been touched in 30 years.

Monster Manual and Players Handbook AD&D 1st Edition

While it saddens me that someone got rid of them after all these years, I am glad that I got to give them a nice home! Excited to go through them, I love the feel and artwork.

Looking forward to consuming the books, memorizing and enjoying it all, and having the information sharp in my brain to be a great Dungeon Master for Players.


Facebook Groups for Dungeon Masters

The 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (unofficial) group on Facebook is a great community! It is full of active kind people that appreciate having each other for a hobby that seems to have fallen out of being cool or popular.



Other groups, such as Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (unofficial) for all things 5e and DMs & GMs for generic DM/GM advice and fellowship are also great!

There aren’t a ton of people but there are a lot that can provide you with an active engagement, fellowship, and advice for all your Dungeon Master needs.

Defining 2017 Personal Goals

Here are my personal goals for 2017.

Lose weight: continue eating better and lose 50 pounds, and regularly blog about it at least once a week.

Become a better Dungeon Master:  run 40 games in 2017 and blog about each game.

See Resources for external references to draw upon work made by others for inspiration, research, and community.


Note: a finalized version of this post will be on the Goals page before 2017 starts. I’ll keep updating this post until then.


Setting up the blog

Working on setting up this blog now. I’m not a blogger but I can type… and learn things!

I do hope that keeping a public log of how I’m doing on my goals will help me and maybe some things may help someone else.

Until 2017, I’m going to be prepping and continuing on like normal. It isn’t to say that I’m not working on the goals, but I’m not committed to blogging about them until then.

Thank you! Check back later!